Urat dal (whole ) - 1 cup

Red chillies - 150 gms 
Curry leaves - 2 cups dried

Roasted channa dal / Pottukadalai /Porikadalai - 50 gms
Salt to taste

METHOD OF PREPARATION :1) Roast all the ingredients and then powder them . 
2) Store it in an air tight container . 
Serve with Gingelly oil .

Linking it up with Nabintha's Home made Spices event.


very yummy podi as always... nice post akka... but using pottukadalai is new to me...
Suja Manoj said…
Spicy yummy podi,home made is the best
Unknown said…
This is a must accompaniment for idly and dosa.. Looks flavorful..
Divya A said…
Savior in kitchen it gives me hand whenever am lazy.. Your version sounds super easy :)
Unknown said…
Very delicious and goes very well with dosa and idli..
Unknown said…
Delicious tasty idli powder,it is a best combo with idlis and dosas.
Sai Padma Priya
Unknown said…
Superb podium and so easy to make have been wanting to do this for long. V interesting
Unknown said…
Mom makes similar podi....must try my hand on this Shama....
Even I follow the same style for making podi..:-)
love to have with that onion dosa :)
Unknown said…
Comes to the rescue when u are lazy to make a chutney. nice one
pepper bowl said…
Very flavorful podi...which exactly looks like my mom's preparation!!
Easy and simple podi, rocks with idly and dosai..
Hema said…
Idli and podi, love it..

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