Here are some of the tips to have a clean kitchen .

1) Cover your gas stove .

           Take aluminium foil , mark the size for the burner and cut that exact portion . Clean the stove,place the foil leaving the burners in the exact position and then place the stove tops,stands. Burnt or any splilled food will fall only in the foil . Remove the foil , everyday/once in 2 days as per your need . This is help to you stove looks as good as new without scratches.

2) Kitchen cleaning clothes . 

 I normally use cotton / soft baniyan clothes for cleaning the kitchen cabinets/platform . This will be very soft , cleans the dirt neatly , absorbs water properly and leave your platform perfect clean.

3) You can either tape aluminium foil in the walls behind the stove . Sometimes , pressure cooker splills oil or dal water to your walls . Remove them after cleaning and cooking . Place them at the time of cooking .

4) Wash  the kitchen clothes daily with dettol / soap solution to avoid smell and dry them in sunlight .

5) Wash and dry up your vessel cleaning scruppers in sun .Wash them frequently while cleaning vessels , as some may have hard strains . Dipping of the same scrupper with clean in solution to clean up the next vessel is useless and food smell will not leave them.

6) Leave a small piece of coal in refrigerator to avoid bad smell when you keep cut veggies inside .Clean up your freezer with lemon juice to avoid fungus growth due to condensation.

7) Don't stuff you fridge . Get your veggies on daily basis ...and leave them only in Vegetable Tray to avoid spoiling of Veggies.

8) Store tamarind only in plastic containers, sugar in glass bottles/plastic containers with few pepper corns to avoid sticking together. 

9) Dry up your vessels completely after washing and then place them in Cabinets as sometimes the moisture in them causes smell in cabinets/will spoil the cabinets.

10) Clean you lunch boxes and water bottles with hot water to avoid smell and remove oil/food smell in it ....

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