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I had a blog separately for giving tips . While developing that blog , i ended in some technical problem , so i closed that blog and decided to give them in this page itself . Will soon post all my posts in that blog .

As a first step , i post my cooking tips for you . Few of these tips will be the familiar ones . Some of these are from my friends , relatives, neighbour , google and some magazines .


1) While cooking Toor dal or Moong dal in a pressure cooker , add 2 tsps of oil and a pinch of turmeric powder . Dal will be cooked fast and soft .

2) I follow this measurement for making Dosa/Idly . 6 cups of rice , 1 cup of Urad dal and 1 tsp of Methi seeds for saoking . While grinding add 2 handful of beaten rice /Poha for crispy dosa.

3) While making the batter , first grind dal and then rice . Once transferred to the bowl , add salt and mix them well with your hand before fermenting . Proper mixing of dal and rice batter will give you perfect Idly and Dosa .

4) Store them in 2 separate containers , use only 1 at a time . Once you started using batter with ladle , in due course the batter will have sour smell . Once the small container is done , we can refill them .

5) Have a new scotch brite separately for cleaning Carrots , Radish and sometimes less muddy potatoes instead of a pealer .

6) When your curry or gravy have more tamarind taste , add more karam to it . The gravy will be perfect .

7) When your curry turns to be too spicy , finally smash a tomato to it .

8) While cleaning non-vegetarian foods , wash them thrice with little of turmeric to it . This will help to remove their raw smell .

9) While preparing chicken,mariante it with powders and a spoon of curd to it. They will become soft.

10) If you use chicken with bones , add less oil while cooking .Their skin and bones will leave some oil and your recipe will be too tasty.

11) If your pantry have half rippen fruits or veggies , you can leave them in your cello hot box . They will rippen soon . Otherwise,you can leave fruits like Custard Apple , Mango in rice .

12) To avoid ripening of bananas very soon , you can hang your banana to a thick thread tied in a comfortable place for you .

13) Remove the stem of curry leaves , pudina and greens before storing them . They will be fresh for a long time .

14) Remove the cap of chillies while storing it .

15) When you make homemade sambar powders , store them in a airtight container . If you have prepared in large quantities , have a small container for daily use . Can refill them,once finished.

16) While making greens , just sprinkle little water . They by themselves will leave some water and the colur of the greens will not be changed . Once you overcooked them , they will have bitter taste .

17) While making kootu using channa dal , we can soakovernight but leave it in refrigerator.Dal will be soft after cooking with the same freshness.

18) When we cook non-veg foods , our kadai or pan will sometimes be too oily or have the masala smell . So , while we clean those vessels we can use form cleaner and hot water .

19 ) We can cover our gas stove with aluminium foil .Cut them for each burner . This will help you to clean the stove easily . We can just remove the foil and through them ,when we drop milk or any burnt food fall it it. We can maintain our stove as newly as possible.

20) While making Paruppu usli , we must stir the dal mixture continuously in the pan.This will consume long time and give pain to your hands . Insted we can steam cook them in Idli pan .

Enjoy and have more fun.


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