Raw rice -- 1 cup
Fully boiled rice-- 1 cup
Methi seeds -- 1 tsp
Urat dal -- 1 handful
Salt to taste

Mustard , jeera , urat dal -- 1 tsp each
Green chillies-- 3
Chopped curry leaves and coriander leaves.
Ginger--a small piece


1 ) Soak both rice and dal with methi seeds for 2 hours .
2) Grind them in a grinder till smooth batter.

3) Mix salt to it before making paniyaram .

Meanwhile , season the batter with mustard , jeera , urat dal , green chillies , chopped curry leaves ,coriander leaves , chopped ginger and asafoetida.

Heat kulipaniyaram pan . Apply oil to all the holes of the pan .

Once hot , pour batter to the holes with a ladle .Cover the pan with a lid .
7) After 3 minutes , flip each paniyaram to the other side . Once done , serve hot with Coconut Chutney .

Viki has passed this cute 'HAPPY AWARD ' .Thank you dear for giving me this award and an opportunity to share things that make me happy .

Here are they :

1) My daughter showers immense happiness to me . Her day to day progress wonders me.......our life's happiness.

I am really happy with my small beautiful family , a caring hubby and a lovely angel .

3) Visiting temples very often gives me happiness.

4) Different tried out recipes with perfection and good comments gives me happiness.

5) Music makes me more energetic and happier.

6) Weekend hangout with my daughter and hubby makes me happier.

7) Gorgeous moon on full moon day gives me happiness .

8) Pleasant warmness during winter gives me happiness .

9) This blog space have given me many kind caring hearts . This gives me happiness .

If i do my daily routine of work without any interuption gives me happiness .

I would like to share this award with all my friends .

Enjoy and have fun.

shama nags


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