I am happy to participate in Dibs Kitchen Treasure Event. I have a passion for cooking utensils. Love to collect more and more .....and have a beautiful kitchen with utensils from my grandma's period . Here are my treasures which rules my small kitchen .

1) Coconut Knife :

This helps to take pieces comfortably from fresh coconut . Just love this..........simple thought...simple design.......

2) Stainless Steel Pots :

I love these as they are really helpful to me while i am in a hurry to cook . I fill them will filtered water and hv them near my gas stove . These are given by my mom for my marriage . I prefer to own a mud pot . Hope , i will get it by this year end .

3) Flour Seive / Salladai in Tamil :

These are really useful when i prepare murukku /idiyappam flour or any homemade powders .

Even , I will use them to filter packed flour got from stores .

4) Toaster , Electric Kettle and Preeti Mixie :

My Preeti Chepro Plus gives me everything perfectly for chutneys , vadas and all kinds of masala /powders .Mixie was given by my mom . Other two was presented by my dear hubby . We love bread toast with garlic butter . They make my work simple and fast.

5 ) Rice storage drum ,Pressure Cooker and Stainless steel Vessel :

This vessel helps me to store dosa batter for 15 days . Just really love it.......whole batter in one vessel. Rice drum is the perfect choice for storing rice ,dals or chapathi flour .............love it.They can store nearly 5 kgs .Air tight one . Prestige pressure cooker ........just my right hand in kitchen.....without this.....i can't imagine......wonderful choice .

7) Chapathi Roller :

This was presented by my brother from delhi.........love it . It is made of marble . Easily washable .......Can roll perfectly .....

8 ) Lunch Carrier , Idli Plate , Aappam Tawa , Non-Stick Pan ,Grater and Measuring Cup (Padi in Tamil ) :

I used this type of lunch carrier while in my school.............missing my dear friends ARTHY , JAYAPRIYA ,PRASITHA AND VIJI..............it reminds me of my school days having lunch in open ground with fun and love . Idli ----all time favourite..........i can have only idli during my pregnancy , continous sickness last till my 7th month......i hated to hv anything with oil . I remember those pleasurable days with idli.............I am a crazy fan of aappam with coconut milk . Fish is my most favourite recipe.............i use this non-stick pan for making fish fries..........perfect for them .

9 ) Soup Bowls , Coffee Cups and Juice Cups :

My hubby loves them.........we love to collect varieties . I love to collect more and more beatiful dining sets.

10 ) Pickle Jar ,Strainers and Vegetable Cutter (" Aruvamanai " in Tamil ) :

Still Jar and Cutter is used in Tamil Nadu........my mom loves it .That was given by her for our marriage . I use cutter for cutting chicken or mutton...........very sharp and comfortable .

11 ) Murukku Press , Hand Juicer , Small copper bottom pan ,Beater ,Pealer ,Coconut Grater ,Forks,Butter Spreader ,Tongs and Knife .

I love savories ........which made to love press .My hubby loves idiyappam .........hv a perfect moulds......... . Juicer is still in use in few sweet homes .

12) I Love to take food in these plates,highly comfortable ..........childrens will definetly enjoy having food in them .Small plate is my daughter's....my mom gave her .Plate with holes will help to drain water while cooking rice in pots . Previously i used pots to cook rice .Still few in tamilnadu cook in pots including my family.
Love this ladle while making poori's and laddu's .

13) Thookuvali , Lunch Box , Kid's glasses :

This thookuvali is still used widely in tamilnadu villages for getting coffee or tea .Even today , some farmers use them to carry their lunch .Silver tea filter will stand for years.Kid's glasses are really safe and comfortable for them .

14 ) Spices Box / Anjaraipetti in Tamil :

Very useful kitchen vessel.......love them .


This vessel is made of " INTHALIYAM " . It weighs heavy . I love paniyaram both sweet and karam . Hope it is the most popular one in Tamilnadu.

These are only few of them,which i like the most .Still my treasures continue.........................


anudivya said...

Wow, what a large collection... do you still use aruvamanai?

Cilantro said...

Nice collection. Thanks for little peek into your kitchen.

Varsha Vipins said...

wowow..Thats a lot..:)..nice..

Uj said...

Wow.. lots of items :) I miss Paniyaram tawa so much...

Unknown said...

adipaavi aduki vaichurukiye...hyd la pathira kadai vaikariya nee?
just now posted mine for this event...

Vibaas said...

nice collection. this is the first time i'm seeing coconut knife. really simple and useful design :)

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

I can see you have quite a treasured collection.
Thank you for dropping by my blog.

Unknown said...

wow great and very treditional treasures shamanice to see all of them after a long time

notyet100 said...

loved all of them,..:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh the nostalgia! Brings back memories :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful collection, loved the peek into your kitchen :-)

Sunshinemom said...

That first one - the coconut knife is new to me, and your aruvamanai looks so good! I am looking around for one - not very happy with the two I have already spoilt here! You have some really good collection there!

Khaugiri said...

I just love your Coconut Knife, can I get it in Bangalore?

Unknown said...

Would like to know where u got ur coconut knife and coconut scrapper(aruvamanai) from.

Unknown said...

from where can I get coconut knife and from aruvamanai?