Rice - 1 cup
Tomato - 5
Ginger - small piece
Cloves - 1
Cinnamon - 3
Bay leaves - 2
Green chillies - 2
Curry leaves and Coriander leaves
Sambar powder -2 tsps
Salt to taste


1) Heat ghee in a pressure cooker . Add Chopped onion , cloves , cinnamon , green chillies , curry leaves , coriander leaves,chopped ginger and bay leaves . Saute them till onion becomes transparent .

2) Add chopped tomatoes and saute them till skinny .

3) Add powders and salt .

4) Finally add rice and mix them well .Add 2 cups of water and cook for 3 whistles .

Serve hot with raitha's .

Sending this to Sanghi's Fall in love (FIL) - TOMATO

Sanghi has passed me these cute awards.....thank you dear ....feeling good and excited .

I would like to pass these cute awards to all my friends

Vidhya , Madhumathi , Divya Vikram , Ann , Deepa ,Asha , Sriharivastan , Vij , yasmeen ,Viki, lubna ,n33ma , purva, Sripriya , Sunshinemom , UJ , Mahimaa , Akal's Saappadu ,Srilekha , Preety , Priya , Uma , Poornima , N33ma , Vidhas, Vibaas , Hemamanni , Sriharivatsan , Rekha
Malargandhi , Varsha .

Varsha has tagged me to write 25 facts about me .

1) I am a full time mom for a 2 year cute daughter , Deshna .......she rules me.

2) I am a friendly fun loving person . Cooking and handicrafts are my passions . I love to collect lord ganesh statues and wish to have a cupboard full of my collections .

3) I have strong belief in God . Without him , i couldn't even imagine .

4) I do believe that a simple smile and hai or hello will give you more persons and well wishers .

5) I am a crazy fan of Short stories . Love to read rabindranath tagore stories and Enid blyton's stories .

6) I am interested in collecting lot of sarees of various colours .......of various shades......unique designs.

7) I love my mom's food .and grandma's ......i miss their recipes..........

8) My best and heartfelt close friend is Anis Fathima , mom of 10 month old beautiful daughter Farah nilani . We are friends from our Kinder garden...we are about to celebrate our 25 years of friendship.

9) I love to collect all types of God statues , Calenders , Arts.....any thing that makes my pooja room more divine ........i wish to have big separate pooja room..........

10) My favourite pass time is blogging , crafts...........and most interesting one is to play with my daughter.........

11) I am a bit emotional and possessive .

12) I love amul alphonsa ice-cream , real cranberry juice , cadbury's dairy milk , Kaju kathili and rasagulla .

13 ) I never mind to take 2 litres of milk daily .

14) I will be moved by old classic movies , musical and sensational ones............

15) I love visiting more and more places including historical monuments , temples etc with my family .

16) I prefer music while cooking..........which makes me comfortable , very light and tensionfree......

17) Like kids , i am a craziest fan of Advertisements............would like to enter that field........will express my own idea to my hubby........his comments encouraged me to think more.........

18) I am interested in Rangoli's too.

19) I have more love for varieties of slippers.............preferably black.

20) My new interests are collection of various designs for my daughter's silk skirt.

21) i love puzzle solving...in any form.

22) I enjoy walking in the sea shore in the moonlight .

23) I enjoy hot may summer and Chill december winter .

24) I love to visit my grandparents place , my dad's native village , playing in the river , fields ..., pumps set.. with my cousins...........coconut trees.....nothing can bring those day happiness.

25 )Last but not least , i am blessed with a happy family. I am grateful to god.

Would like to tag all , Vidhya , Madhumathi , Divya Vikram , Ann , Deepa ,Asha , Sriharivastan , Vij , yasmeen ,Viki, lubna ,n33ma , purva, Sripriya , Sunshinemom , UJ , Mahimaa , Akal's Saappadu ,Srilekha , Preety , Priya , Uma , Poornima , N33ma , Vidhas, Vibaas , Hemamanni , Sriharivatsan , Rekha


Adlak's tiny world said...

i luv tomato rice... yrs looks so yum. Thanks for passing the awards.. willupdate it now.

Adlak's tiny world said...

oh thanks a ton dear.. each award n each post u have included me for the award. i m so honored and happy.

sorry for not noticing it ( hope i too have nt get any intimation from you reg this da) held up with some health prob so this delay of visiting my fellow blogers n delay in postings also.

Thank u so much dear.

Indian Khana said...

I like tomato rice so much and that's a sure comfort food isn't it dear...looks yummy....Congrats on your tons of award :)....loved reading your meme.....kinda cute...gr8 to knw you have frd for 25yrs...thts simply cool..hav a gud weekend

Asha said...

Tomato rice is my fave, looks good sweetie.

Enjoy all the cute awards and thanks for thinking of me too. Hugs! :)

I love your gir's name Deshna. I love to read short stories too rather than whole novels. I am reading a collection of stories by Ismat Chughtai right now.

Have a fun weekend, see you next week! :)

Unknown said...

Congrats on all your awards. Enjoyed reading your 25 things about you and getting to know more about you !

Ashwini said...

Love tomato rice..Looks yumm ..Congt=rats on your awards..Enjoy..

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Delicious Tomato rice Shama. Enjoyed reading about you. Congrats on ypour awards and thanks for passing to me . Thanks once again for dropping in Janani's blog and for the lvoley comments. She felt great .

Priya Suresh said...

Wow tomato rice, my fav...Shama thanks a lot for tagging me n also sharing those bunches of awards, am very much honoured dear:)

Finla said...

Love tomato rice and this looks yummy delicious.

Deepa Hari said...

Lovely Tomato rice Shama...like the addition of sambar powder...never tried it....i usually add garam masala.

Enjoyed reading your meme...got to know more abt. u....25 yrs is a loooong time and great...congrats to you both...Keep rocking dear.

Congrats...enjoy all the well deserved awards...Wish you to get more and more and thank you once again Shama for sharing it with me.


sriharivatsan said...

Enjoyed reading about you. Congrats on ypour awards and thanks for passing to me..

Tomato rice is my favo..

Madhu's cooking gallery said...

I love tomato rice..perfect for lunch box too! This looks yummy!

Congrats on all your awards!

Preety said...

tomato rice looks nice..love the addition of sambhar powder..will try next time in mine too..thanks for the awards dear..

Preety said...

hey regarding drinking milk..i am too milkoholic..loved reading all of them

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Tomatoe rice sounds yummy; nice simple pious personnage are you! Congratulations for the awards!

Thank you for sharing these with me Shama!

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Had a nice read Shama..I was so glad to see the 8th point..Sweet of you two..:)
Thanks a lot for the awards n I loved the tomato rice..:)

Yasmeen said...

Tomato rice is one of my favorite recipe with left over rice.
It was so nice knowing more about you Shama,and congrats on 25 yrs of friendship with Anis,I wish I had one such friend for ever.And thanks a lot for the passing the lovely awards:)

Sanghi said...

Lovely recipe..! Delicious and tempting shama..!:)

Unknown said...

I love tomato rice..Yummy ,yummy!
Enjoyed reading your me-me..I adore your friendship..Touchwood!
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Uma said...

Hi Shama! Sorry to get here so late. I thought I commented here but seems I forgot. Anyways, thank you so much for the awards and the tag. I posted about them today.Check it here!