Lyonnaise potatoes is a signature dish of Lyon, a city in France. This is the first recipe prepared by my daughter as a part of French activity. Appreciate her patience and it tasted unique with the flavour of potatoes and caramelised onion with Parsley.


Potato - 1/2 kg
Parsley as required ( 1 small bunch)
Red Onion - 1 big sliced
Salt to taste
Butter as required
Pepper to taste


1. Round slice the potatoes and par- boil them in a sauce pan.

2) Heat butter in a pan. Add the par-boiled potatoes for few minutes, then add the sliced onion to it and mix it well. Cook till the potatoes and onion gets roasted well.

3) Cook till the onion is caramelised and potatoes are roasted. Add chopped Parsley and Salt. Mix it well. Cook for 5 minutes and remove flame the flame. Garnish it with Crushed Pepper.

Serve hot.

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Shoba said...

A new version of potatoes..Loving it and awesome recipe.

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